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Put a smile on someone’s face!

Treat yourself or a loved one to a souvenir from the JGL Pharmacy Museum! We offer a variety of interesting souvenirs: from magnets, T-shirts, plush snakes and professional literature to the unavoidable accessory of today – face masks!
stuffed snake

Stuffed snake

35kn / 4,64 €

hidratantna krema

Moisturizing cream

50kn / 6,64 €



220kn / 29,20 €

minis bomboni

Bombons Minis

10kn / 1,33 €


Canvas masks

25kn / 3,32 €



15kn / 1,99 €



35kn / 4,64 €

majice odrasli

Shirt adults

Shirt kids

50kn / 6,64 €

40kn / 5,31 €


Cardboard bag

15kn / 1,99 €

etika deontologija i praksa

Pharmaceutical ethics, deontology and practice

150kn / 19,91 €

uvod u farmaciju

Introduction to pharmacy

120kn / 15,93 €

crtice iz povijesti

Sketches from the history of pharmaceutical botany

100kn / 13,27 €

farmaceutski spomenar

Pharmaceutical diary

100kn / 13,27 €


Vase replica

220kn / 29,20 €


Canvas bag

30kn / 3,98 €

Price list

Take a look at the list of all products and services in our offer and treat yourself or a loved one to something special.

snake magenta s shape - JGL Pharmacy Museum
zena s maskom
snake tail

We invite you to contribute to enriching the holdings of the JGL Pharmacy Museum!

If you believe that you own valuable objects (recipes, documents, books, photographs, postcards, bottles, etc.) from the history of pharmacy in Rijeka and Croatia,contact us!

snake head
snake body

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