Virtual presentation of antibiotic action

22. December 2020.

Get to know the processes in your body in detail! With the help of VR glasses, we take you on a virtual journey through the urinary system, with a demonstration of the effects of Fosfomycin JGL in the treatment of bladder inflammation. The application was developed in cooperation with the Zagreb-based company Novena.

The content of the application is accessed by the user through the HTC Vive virtual reality device. After listening to a narrated introduction, the user goes on a virtual tour in a glass capsule from the kidney to the bladder, with 3D models of different bacteria travelling alongside the capsule. The application is also interactive: through the handheld HTC Vive controller, the user can virtually target, capture and view the selected 3D model of a bacterium, which is then displayed on the control panel of the capsule in a magnified form.

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