Organized visits to the JGL Museum of Pharmacy

16. June 2021.

Organized visits to the JGL Museum of Pharmacy continued this week as well. As part of a visit to Rijeka organized by the Serbian Orthodox Church, the museum was first visited by students from Petrinja, Gomirje, Vrginmost…

After them, as part of the course Compulsory Professional Practice, organized by Ms. Danijela Štanfel from JGL who is an associate in that course, the 3rd year students of the Department of Biotechnology were introduced to the history of pharmacy, but also to the methods and ways of making creams and pills.

It was especially interesting on the Day of St. Vitus, the patron saint of Rijeka, when the JGL Museum of Pharmacy was visited by members of the business club PartneRi who are most deserving that the President of the Board of JGL Mr. Ivo Usmiani received a gold plaque “Emblem of Rijeka” for exceptional contribution in the continuous creation of new values ​​in the pharmaceutical business and the connection of entrepreneurship, science and culture. Accompanied by the head of the JGL Museum of Pharmacy Marin Pintur, and Mr. Usmiani and board member Eva Usmiani Capobianco, the distinguished guests toured the museum and learned about many interesting facts from the history and present of pharmacy.

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We invite you to contribute to enriching the holdings of the JGL Pharmacy Museum!

If you believe that you own valuable objects (recipes, documents, books, photographs, postcards, bottles, etc.) from the history of pharmacy in Rijeka and Croatia,contact us!

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