Exhibition “750 years of pharmacy in Croatia” opened.

25. October 2021.

This year marks several valuable anniversaries in the history and present of Croatian pharmacy. JGL Pharmacy Museum, in cooperation with the Museum of the City of Rijeka and thanks to lenders of valuable material, with this exhibition fulfills one of its basic tasks, research and presentation of the history of pharmacy in Croatia. Certainly the most important anniversary is 750 years since the mention of the first pharmacy in Croatia. It is a pharmacy located in the central town square in Trogir. As the date of creation of the Trogir Agreement, October 29, is marked in Croatia as the Day of Pharmacies, the exhibition, in addition to important events and people from the history of our pharmacy, also deals with historically significant Croatian pharmacies. Thus, at the exhibition you can see valuable material and learn many interesting things related, except for the already mentioned Trogir, with pharmacies that have operated or are still operating in Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Rijeka. In addition to important pharmacies, one segment of the exhibition is dedicated to another extremely valuable anniversary, 120 years since the publication of the “Croatian-Slavonian Pharmacopoeia”, the first pharmacopoeia in the Croatian language, which was soon declared the best in Europe.

The exhibition “750 years of pharmacy in Croatia” was opened at the Sugar Palace in Rijeka on October 22, exactly on the first birthday of the JGL Museum of Pharmacy, which with its exhibition at 11 Užarska Street in the center of Rijeka in an attractive and modern way introduces the origin and development of pharmacy in Rijeka, Croatia and the world.

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We invite you to contribute to enriching the holdings of the JGL Pharmacy Museum!

If you believe that you own valuable objects (recipes, documents, books, photographs, postcards, bottles, etc.) from the history of pharmacy in Rijeka and Croatia,contact us!

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